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Are you a lash tech that has always wanted to private label & create your own product line, but had no idea where to start? 

We walk you through step by step on how to contact vendors all over the world!

Welcome to Sophia’s Lash Studio! 

Where BO$$ BITCHE$ are made!🤑

This vendor list includes all of Sophia’s Lash Studio hand tested & approved products! 

Including : 

  • Silk Volume Lash Trays
  • Classic Lash Trays 
  • Primer
  • Super Bonder
  • Lash Adhesive
  • Cream Remover
  • Volume & Isolation tweezers
  • Blade-less Lash Fan
  • Lash Shampoo

You can skip the hassle of having to spend thousands of dollars testing samples & bulk ordering from shaky vendors! 

Not only are you creating a stream of passive income for yourself but you are on your way to creating financial freedom!

Make money in your sleep💰

Get yours today!

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